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maintaining environmental harmony

in cannabis production and development.

Why are we so special?

We hold 4 State Approved cultivation permits in rustic Covelo, California.  The property also features 7 additional permittable parcels available for expansion.  We offer mindfulness towards preserving natural resources.  Outside of the ranch we are imbedded in several Cannabis-ancillary businesses,  and are well versed in the  patterns of the market.

Our Vision

Developing  a design that kept the sprawling 680 acre ranch and its heritage oaks and vegetation intact was important to us.  We wanted to offer space for efficient cultivation while protecting the natural features of the land.  It is important to us that development is noninvasive and keeps the land a thriving part of the surrounding ecosystem.

Our Process

The land development was only the first part of the process.  Infrastructure, safety, efficiency, and environmental impact have been paramount in the development of our plan.  Involving and consulting state and local agencies in the development of the project has been important in understanding our ongoing obligations as mindful stewards of the land.

About Us


Meet the Owners

Owners Alex Boggio and Erica Boggio have diverse experience in the Cannabis Industry.  Alex, the veteran, started in the industry as an Investor to private projects in 2005.  The projects ranged from cultivations, to business consulting, and product development.  Wife, Erica Boggio, joined in the action in 2011 by lending her attention to detail in administration, human resources, and design. 


Meet the Cultivator

Team Ramsey, proven cultivators that spearheaded an Israeli cultivation project in Yolo County, connected with the Boggio's in the off season, and formed a plan for clean and responsible cultivation utilising the Boggio's property in the picturesque hills overlooking Covelo, Ca.  



We have structured the ranch with environmental and community impact in mind, creating relationships with key support organizations, and reaching out to our extensive network. This has been our recipe for success in our project development and execution, and has really paved the way for future of the ranch.

Oversight, Approval, or Permissions

California Department of Food and Agriculture/CalCannabis


Once locally permitted, applying to the state was the next priority.  CDFA imposed and implemented regulation voted in by California State voters.  They refined cannabis cultivation regulation, and worked with Counties to sync their programs.  CDFA's requirements are strict and extensive, and required professional support to complete the CalCannabis Permitting Program.

Mendocino County


Local permitting was the first step in regulation.  Mendocino County was among the first jurisdictions to allow permitted cultivation in California, they eased into the process with the County Sheriff's 913 program, which then integrated it into County Ag and Planning Departments who now oversee renewals and local oversight. 

California Department of Fish & Wildlife


CDFW is charged with conservation, environmental protection, and authorization of responsible activity.  The program required Lake and Stream Alteration notifications,  environmental impact reports, and inspections for proposed land alterations and responsible cultivation practices.  

California Cannabis Track-and Trace System


Contracted by the California Department of Weights and Measures, enrollment in Metrc, the chosen California platform for track-and-trace, was a mandatory step in properly tracking every bit of product.  This well thought out Seed to Sale tracking is cornerstone in making both regulators and cultivators safe and responsible.

California Waterboard


The California Waterboard's oversight dictates our practices in how water is used, collected, and disposed of, and studies on how our activity could affect ground water, and ultimately, the surrounding environment. 

Round Valley Tribal Authorization


Part of the colorful local culture in rural Covelo is influenced by the Round Valley Tribal Reservation.  The Ranch's proximity to the Reservation required that we gain tribal authorization for our intended activity and give periodic updates.  


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Interested in Learning more?

The property is seasonally and currently contracted by a private cultivator, so we ask that you don't visit the site directly  However, you are welcome to make an appointment by contacting the owners.  Owners are always available by phone and e-mail for questions and information.

Boggio Management Group

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Erica Boggio (707) 548-4672 Alex Boggio (415) 246-3996


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